In the summer of August 2007, God brought few families together to form TCF for one purpose - to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and to encourage each other to be a witness for Him. Since then God has been blessing this group to grow more and make a difference in the society, by touching people’s lives with the love of Jesus Christ.

Our journey began with the monthly meetings on the last Saturdays of every month in individual homes for a time of prayer and fellowship, much like the early church. Ever since with God’s guidance and leading we were able to begin new ministries and conduct various events and activities which are listed in the below.

Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry (Jan - 2017): With our continuous mission to reach out more people for Jesus, Outreach Ministry was started in Jan, 2017. Along with Nursing Home visits, helping shelters and the needy have been this group’s vision. As we make ourselves available we look forward for the doors God will open to use us in His Kingdom expansion

Nursing Home Ministry (June – 2008): With a heart to reach out to the community, this Ministry was started on June 14, 2008. We partner with a local organization to visit residents, pray and encourage them with the word of God and testimonies. Small gifts are given every month and on special occasions as a token of love.

Men's Ministry

Men’s ministry (Jan - 2017): With different ministries in place, one thing that was surely missing was the need to have a Men’s ministry which was started in Jan 2017. As men of God, head of the house and the priestly role we are tasked with, we take opportunities in Men’s ministry to share each other’s experiences and build each other. Very excited to see how God will use this new ministry in building us so that we might fulfill our purposes just as David did in his generation (Acts 13:36).

Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry (Jan - 2010): With the goal to learn together, encourage and pray for each other the Women of TCF started to meet once a month. Over the years, they continue to study Bible and various books together to grow in the LORD.

Intercessory / Prayer Ministry

Intercessory/Prayer Ministry (September - 2010): Prayer has been the backbone for the sustenance of TCF ministry. Weekly Prayer Tele-conference was started on 25th September 2010 and continues till today. Many prayers have and continue to be answered. Singing a song, sharing the word and intercession for the individual/group’s needs, country and world in general is the pattern of the prayer call. Specific prayer initiatives like Prayer for Muslims during Ramadan and Prayer for Hindus were also conducted.

Shalom Ministry

Shalom Ministry (2015): With a focus on engaging newcomers and follow-thru, Shalom team was formed in 2015. Welcoming newcomers with gifts, sharing info about TCF and house visiting are some of the activities done by this team.


Helping Hands - We praise God for other committees and teams like Setup/Facilities, Food, TCF Contact list, Finance and for every person who contribute to the ministry.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry (Jan - 2017): With some of our kids into their teen years, the need for Youth Ministry arose which was started in Jan, 2017. The goal is to equip the youth to shine the light of Jesus in the world, not to conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of mind. In our monthly meetings, while younger kids kick-start the Praise and Worship, the next team that takes over before Adult worship is Youth. These are the next generation for Christ and we will do our best to raise them up for His glory!

Kid's Ministry

Kids Ministry (2012): Raising up our kids as next generation for Christ is one of the core missions of our group and they have been an integral part of any of our activities. These are the guys who kick-start any of our prayer meetings with their lively praise and worship. Pouring our lives into them is very important and every adult in TCF is tasked with this job.

Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry (Feb - 2015): God has gifted TCF with many musicians and singers, an exclusive Worship ministry was formed in Feb 2015 to grow and encourage many to use their talents and skills for His glory.